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Influence Of Adding Humic Acid To Withholding Nutrient Solution On Growth, Nutrient Efficiency And Postharvest Attributes Of Gerbera

Flower quality loss, specially short postharvest life is a major problem in gerbera production. An experiment were conducted to determine how different combinations of humic substances (HS) affect gerbera. Humic acid (HA) and fulvic acid (FA) applied to nutrient solutions in six combinations including control (nutrient solution only), 80 mgL-1 HA + 20 mgL-1 FA, 60 mgL-1 HA + 40 mgL-1 FA, 40 mgL-1 HA + 60 mgL-1 FA, 100 mgL-1 FA and 50mgL-1 FA. HS application enhanced root architecture, nutrients content, number of harvested flowers and vase life. 50 mgL-1 FA extended vase life by 8 days and increased flower number(72.9 %). Results suggest that HA and FA (specially 50 mgL-1FA) can improve quality and quantity of gerbera through improving root architecture leading to enhanced nutrient uptake and possibly hormone-like activities. It seems using low concentrations of FA may be a part of solution in improving gerbera flower quality.

Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis

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