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Traffic Tolerance of Festuca arundinace via Trinexapac-ethyl application

Sheikh Mohammadi, M.H., N. Etemadi and A. Nikbakht.2013. Traffic Tolerance of Festuca arundinace via Trinexapac-ethyl application. World of Sciences Journal. 141-148.


 There is not enough information about tall fescue physiological and morphological responses to different Trinexapac-ethyl and Traffic stress. to evaluate effect of Trinexapac ethyl concentrations (0, 250 and 500 g/h) and traffic stress (traffic and untraffic) treatments on tall fescue physiological and morphological traits, an experiment was conducted in research farm of Isfahan university of technology in 2011 .as factorial in completely randomized designs with three replications. Traits included Leaf Width, Canopy Height, Chlorophyll and Carotenoids Contents, Prolin. Finally,it was found that, Trinexapacethyl caused significant decreases in Canopy Height of incised plant parts. At concentrations 0.25 and 0.5 kg/h, there were growth reduction about 21.11 and 36.10% respectively. Also traffic stress reduced its Canopy Height and Chlorophyll Contents and Leaf Width. Application of Trinexapac-ethyl increased Chlorophyll Contents, Leaf Width and prolin. As a result it was found that Trinexapac ethyl concentrations be used to induce traffic stress resistance for tall fescue.

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