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Influence of Humic Acid in Diluted NutrientSolution on Growth, Nutrient Efficiency,and Postharvest Attributes of Gerbera

Haghighi, M., A. Nikbakht, Y.P. Xia and M. Pessarakli. 2014. Influence of humic acid addition to nutrient solution on growth, nutrient efficiency and postharvest attributes of gerbera. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis. 45: 177-188.


A hydroponics experiment was conducted to study the effect of humic acid (HA) on gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii L.) cv. Malibu in different diluted nutrient solutions. The HA (500 mgL1) was added to a nutrient solution (NS) of gerbera with two dilution levels of NS, 1/2 NS and 1/4 NS, and full-strength nutrient solution (NSc). The HA application compensated for nitrogen, magnesium, and iron deficiency in the 1/2 NS. Nutrient utilization efficiency (NUTE) of nitrogen in shoot decreased and that of Fe increased in the 1/2 NS compared with the 1/4 NS when HA was applied. The number of harvested flowers per plant was the greatest in the NSc and the 1/2 NS with incorporating HA. Flower vase life improved by increasing NS level (9.33 days). It seems HA could be successfully considered as a compound to decrease nutrients input in gerbera hydroponics production.


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